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Micro inverters now make residential PV an economic reality.

Micro inverters and solar panels mounted on a rail system on a residential shingle roof. The rail system keeps the panels cool and is attached to quick mount roof flashing that prevents the roof from leaking.

Grid tied dual mode inverters makes power available during emergencies and night time hours.

Diagram of a simple grid tied solar electric system with a net meter.

A required PV secondary power source disconnect located close to a utility meter with the proper National Electric Code labeling.

Turn your home into a high efficiency, all electric net-zero home! Solar Electric is now affordable to homeowners.

  • Trying to reduce or eliminate their monthly electric bills
  • Trying to make a positive contribution to our environment and create local jobs within their community
  • Trying to increase their property value and make their home net zero

How much does it cost?

  • Solar PV typical cost to a homeowner: 5 KW turn key solar PV system or 20 x 250 watt solar panels is $4.99/watt or $24,999.
  • Minus 30% Federal Tax credit.
  • Minus your state incentive in the form of a tax credit, grant, or SREC (solar renewable energy credits)
  • A 5 KW PV system in the Northeast typically generates between $900 and $1,000 dollars/year in electricity.

Micro Inverter Technology

This technology allows homeowners to add one solar panel at a time making solar electric affordable. Add more solar panels each year and watch those utility bills disappear.

  • Allows home owners to install solar electric on roofs that are partially shaded through out the day
  • Each single phase micro inverter circuit can hold up to 17 60-cell solar modules
  • Micro inverters are affordable when compared with conventional string inverters
  • Micro inverters allows any homeowner to individually monitor each solar panel and are warrantied for 20 years

Northeast Solar, for safety reasons, recommends solar electric be installed and serviced by qualified professionals. Micro inverters convert DC to AC at the solar panel benefiting the installer and any future service technician.

A hybrid water heater sending domestic hot water to a fossil fuel indirect water heater. The hybrid water heater is on heat pump mode only and is eliminating the need for a dehumidifier.